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Monday, October 31, 2005
Halloween and crap

Well I survived this weekend... me, some of my friends and Jose all had great time saturday night! LOL

I went and saw my nieces today... damn Taylor will be 13 in Dec. Hopefully she will hit 5' soon she is still 4'10" and it makes her nervous. Poor kiddo sat down and cried when she found out she has her last volley ball game is on Halloween night and she won't get to go trick or treating. My sister-n-law took them to some carnival thingy to help ease her pain. LOL

I'm in the middle of planning the Morgan family Thanksgiving... there is about 30 something people at these family gatherings now. Since I am the only one in the family who gets along with everyone it fell to me to get it together. Thank the goddess that we have these things in a rec center now I'd hate to try and cram all those people in someones home!

On my moms side of the family of course my cousins from Virgina will be down... that means me and my cousins will go to my brothers house so the guys can break out the guitars and everyone can kick back and have a good time. Sarah the youngest is finally 21 now so we don't have to fake like she doesn't drink. I have been in altered states of reality with all 14 of my cousins (both sides of the family). I'm so proud of them *sniff, wipe away teardrop*. Since all of my cousins, save one, are younger then me these special bonding moments are precious things. LOL

My cousin Trav is suppose to bring me a copy of his newest demo... I'll keep everyone posted on what I think of it.

Posted at 12:15 am by Mary_Jane
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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Busy Busy

Well, I have been busy as hell. But hopefully after this weekend things will mellow down a bit. Nothing bad happened for once yay! I did shots of Tequila with a friend friday night and then I was out late last night and it's 3 in the morning now so I'm tired.

My sister-n-law is getting shots of steriods in her spine... she has to have shots and pills kill the pain durin and afterwards. I worry about her she has a lot of health issues.

My dads best friend (my adopted sisters dad) goes in for surgery on the 14th to see if they can remove some cancer. He is scared to death and I can't blame him, and his wife is terrifed. I really feel for them. I try to be here for Becca as much as I can during this because she and her step-mom do not get along.

I'm having a garage sale and 2 Halloween parties this weekend. Both are costume one is for the kids and the other is adults only. So I will be running my fat butt off this weekend. LOL

I'm also planning family thanksgiving for my dads side of the family and that is a major underetaking in itself!

My family from Virgina is going to be down for Thanksgiving and that will rock. Me, my brother and my cousins all get together and chill when they are in town. :-) YAY! I'm so happy.

Posted at 03:02 am by Mary_Jane
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Tuesday, October 11, 2005
Useless Facts About Me

Well I decided not to post anything depressing on my blog this go round and just put up some totally useless facts about myself! Whoo hoo! A shallow moment. ;-)

1. I own 17 purses

2. I own 23 pairs of shoes

3. I have 15 Cabbage Patch Kids... I Bought maybe 6 and 2 are from my childhood the rest were gifts from my friend Becky

4. I own over 20 swords and Daggers

5. I'm one helluva shot... you know like with a gun.

6. There are 10 kids on this planet who call me Aunt, but I only have 2 nieces. 4 are godchildren, 2 are 1st cousins ages 3 and 1 and the other 2 are my cousins youngest kids.

7. My hair has been about ten different colors. Among them is purple, blue, blood red, pink, black and green. My natural hair color is shown in the picture on the right sidebar.

8. I'm pagan/heathen Asatru

9. When I was born I had 7 grandmothers

10. I've met Ozzy, Ted Nugent, Sammy Hagar, and Eric Clapton

11. I knew the original member of Pantera and Josey Scott from Saliva before they were famous.

12. Other then the USA I have been to Canada and Mexico

13. I've been to 12 states not counting my native Texas

14. Both my grandfathers were named George and last names started with M

15. I have 2 cousin Sarahs, 2 cousin Zachs, as well as 2 Pats, 2 Lauras and 2 Genevas in my family.

16. My earlist memory is of the song "Good Day Sunshine" and I was in my crib.

17. I've only been in love twice, one guy never knew and the other is with someone else now.

18. I love the X-Men comics.... Gambit is my fave closely followed by Nightcrawler

19. I read the first 4 Harry Potter books in 3 days and the first 4 Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles in 3 days as well

20. I'm a severe Bi-Polar with Psychotic tendencies and take 12 pills a day to keep me in check.

There ya go... 20 pointless fact about me. Scary huh?

Posted at 12:32 am by Mary_Jane
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Wednesday, October 05, 2005
Too F*@#ed Up

Just when you think life can't get much more fucked up, you find out your wrong. It seems like everything I've posted lately is bad and depressing news. Well this post isn't any different. My oldest friends father... who is one of my dads closes friends is in the advanced stages of prostrate cancer. He is going to have to have surgery to remove everything just to have a fighting chance. I know that there is always a chance that people can pull through these things far better then anyone had belived they would and I hope he is one of those people. I lost my grandfather to prostrate cancer and he's wasn't nearly as aggressive, but then again the younger you are when you get cancer the faster it spreads. Please keep the Williams family in your thoughts and prayers to whichever gods you pray too.

Posted at 12:59 am by Mary_Jane
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Thursday, September 29, 2005
Memory of a Rose

I still see you in my memories,

A shadow of yourself.

A life stolen to soon,

All the feelings you never felt.

Children you left behind,

Whos life you barely touched.

He took it all away,

With his lies and claims of love.

Your life was drained away,

By his dark and tainted hands.

Justice was not done,

He still lives though in a cage.

He will be free in 40 years,

But you will never age.

Never to be forgotten,

By those you left behind.

My heart will always cry for you,

My dear friend now lost to time.

By: MJ

This poem was written in memory of my best friend Beverly Rose.
Please help stop domestic violence.
End Abuse

Posted at 01:17 pm by Mary_Jane
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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
All that is holy... is not Jim Henson

Ok, so I go to the book store today to pick up a new book on Asatru aka Odinism or Norse Pagan if your totally drawing a blank. So I'm browesing around and tucked with the Guide to Vampires and the Necronomicon is The Guide to Goblins. So I'm like WTF, I've been a Heathen/Pagan for 13 years and I've never seen anything about Goblins in any major form. So I take is out and flip it open. It's  guide to the goblins in  Laybrinth by Jim Henson. So after giggling like a loon. I grab my books and that one and take it to the front and told the guy that I'd been a pagan for awhile now and as far as I knew there were no religons based on based on Jim Hensons works... no matter how much we may love the Muppets! The book was moved to the fantasy section... not that it was that great since it didn't even a have a pic David Bowie as the Goblin King in it... bastards.

I decided not to bitch about the fact that the Satanic Bible belongs in the Christian section as it is a sect of that religon and Pagans don't even belive in Satan and Hell. Thats why we have Wyrd.

Cudos to Zombie for being the featured user!

Huggs All

Posted at 01:46 am by Mary_Jane
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Monday, September 26, 2005

Well, I think everything that has happened this week has finally sunk in. I now find myself totally depressed and unable to focus on anything for to long. My uncles funeral was yesterday. I didn't go, I just didn't think I could handle being locked in a car that long. They got up at 6 and went to be at the funeral by 2:00 pm and then drove back afterwards. I tend to get travel sick when I am in a car that long.

Anyway, this is a poem my uncle Ervin wrote and I thought I would post it here. They read it at his funeral.

                                              A Matter Of Time

It's only a matter of time, the days are fading fast, life is passing by.
   "Yes, it's only a matter of time."

There are lots of things I have not done, places I have not seen, places I should not have been, things I should not have done.
   "Yes, it's only a matter of time."

The nights are getting longer, day's are getting shorter. Hair is getting thinner, steps are getting weaker.
   "Yes, it's only a matter of time."

My life is almost completed, my work here is done. I hope what I have done makes a life a little better for someone.
   "Yes, it was only a matter of time"

Author: E.L. Castleberry

Posted at 12:37 am by Mary_Jane
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Friday, September 23, 2005
Just Friggen Nifty!!! Not!

Well, life is just getting better and friggen better! Today we had to reformat to computer. And apparently all my files that I had saved, didn't save after all. So I lost all my txt files I was betaing and all my photo manip I had been working on. I'm so pissed and not happy. Why can't anything ever be easy??? And things are going to go wrong why do they all have to happen in the same week?

On the better side, everyone I know has evacuated the gulf coast. Luckily the left early so they didn't get into any of the horrid traffice jams. They have both side of hwy 45 going north bound for 125 miles to ease up some of the problems. Most of the hotels are full and shelters are popping in up in some weird places, basically in large indoor area with plumbing.

Anyway. I'm in a bad mood so I'm shutting up now before I start ranting again.

Posted at 03:20 am by Mary_Jane
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Thursday, September 22, 2005
Bad 2 Worse

Well, things have gone from bad to worse. My great-uncle Ervin died today. Before my mom and grandma went up there no one had given me the impression that he was that sick. Well when they go there test had come back in and he'd had a seizure, a stroke, and was brain dead. I may be going to the funeral on saturday but I'm not sure yet, it depends on who all is going and if there is room in the car. It's really hard to see my grandma go through this. It was the brother she was closes to, and I was rasied know my great aunt and uncles better then some people know their grandparents. I also knew my great-grandmother very well she lived until I was 20 and by the time she died there were over 70 people on this planet who would have never been born if she hadn't. That's so weird to think about! Anyway, I'm sad. :-(

I'm sure ya'll know about Hurricane Rita fixing to hit the gulf coast. I'm in Ft Worth area, about 1 hour and 1/2 from the Okalahoma border... it'll still be the strength of a tropical storm when it hits this area. We have friends in the area as well as some of my aunts family... who I was also raised around. Welcome to the south! ;-) It should be intresting to see what happens when this hits. All of highway information signs are showing the numbers to call the get shelter information. Unless there is and Amber alert I doubt that will change in the next few days. For those who don't have automated signs for traffic information and what not the normally tell you time of road construction and traffic warnings for events like NASCAR and other sporting events. Anyway, I'm rambling because I'm depressed, so I am shutting my mouth now. 

Posted at 04:11 am by Mary_Jane
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Tuesday, September 20, 2005
What Fun

Well as you can see, I did not have to go dog-sit for my grandma. My uncle got stuck with her instead. Thank the goddess! However things here are still crappy. Someone broke into our car last night and stole the radio. He got caught but still took off with it leaving the front and the tool he used to pop off the panel to get to said radio. Our neighbors and the preacher of the church across the street saw the house the guy ran into but who knows what's going on there. We did call the cops and they are "working on it" which means we'll probably never here anything back. When a drunk driver totalled our jeep parked out front it took 4 hours for ther police to show up... this time it took nearly 2. It pisses me off. I know they are busy but I also know the police sub-station is two blocks over and always has about 10 squad cars out front if not more so why the hell does it take so long. Everyone told them that they saw the guy toss the radio in a car parked in front of the house he ran too, but did the cops look in the car? Hell no, not even a peek in the friggen windows. Anyway, not in the best mood here, so I will shut-up now.

Posted at 01:06 am by Mary_Jane
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